Ink and acrylic on acrylic paper - 62x46cm  unframed £150

Greek Door - Acrylic 30x20cm SOLD

Old Jetty, Torry - Acrylic on acrylic paper 40x30cm framed £200 Prints £25

Blue Door Zanzibar - Acrylic on canvas board 50x40cm framed £200

Old Jetty and Boats - Ink and Acrylic on canvas board 60x84cm unframed £500

Blue Door Casablanca - Acrylic 40x30cm SOLD 

Shells on Rocks 1 - Acrylic on acrylic paper 20x30cm £30

Limpets on the Shore - Acrylic & ink on acrylic paper 40x50cm  Framed £180 Prints £25

 Limescale Pattern - Acrylic on acrylic paper 20x30cm £30

Winter Landscape - Acrylic on canvas board 62x46cm unframed £150

Limescale Pattern 2 - Acrylic on acrylic paper 20x30cm £30

Faberge Winter Palace Staircase, 50x70cm Acrylic on canvas board £200

Nature vs Human Nature - Acrylic on canvas board - Diptych - Donated

Paintings in ink, acrylic and mixed media. Commissions accepted.

The Thirteenth Tale Staircase, 50x70cm Acrylic on canvas board £200

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